Frequently Asked Questions
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How long is my vehicle registration valid for?
Your vehicle registration will be valid for 12 months from the day of issuance and should be renewed annually.
Yes, car owners will not qualify for the vehicle registration policy without acquiring a valid insurance policy that covers their vehicle for a period of 13 months.
Yes, you can renew your car registration within one month after the date of expiry without being fined.
Car owners in the UAE are required to renew their vehicle registration and insurance policy every 12 months. However, you are given a grace period of one month to complete the annual registration without any fines and your policy must cover that extra grace period.

The required documents to be able to renew your vehicle’s registration are:

  • Valid Emirates ID
  • Valid vehicle insurance for 13 months
  • A vehicle inspection - if it has been more than three (3) years from the vehicle's manufacturing date
  • Payment of traffic fines (if any)
There are two types of car insurance plans in the UAE: comprehensive insurance and third-party liability insurance.

A third-party liability car insurance policy (TPL) is normally the cheaper option but also the riskier. With a TPL insurance policy, your insurance company will not cover damages of your own vehicle when involved in an accident. It will only cover damages for the other parties when the accident is your fault.

A comprehensive insurance policy will cover damages of all parties when you are involved in an accident and found to be at-fault. Also, your insurance company will cover the damages of your car even when you are found to be not-at-fault in a car accident.