Is it a plane, or Bird? No, it’s Home Insurance.

May 31, 2021

Last week I told you my series of unfortunate events. I’m sure by now you’ve guessed I’m a pretty clumsy person. I do, however, know my random facts. My knowledge of how many fires and floods happened in the last year is finally useful. Last week I introduced you to the different types of home insurance. I promised to explain why and how it’s relevant to us. Today, we’re discussing just that. I am a woman of my word after all.

Environmental Threats

Dubizzle Property’s, the UAE’s biggest property platform, director of sales Matthew Gregory puts home insurance as the vital “next step in the home-seeking journey in the UAE.” Home insurance protects its residents from potential losses in the future. Why is it so vital? What losses are they talking about? How likely are losses bound to happen? Well, in less than a decade (from 2006-2013), around 5500 fires were declared in just Dubai! Studies found that fire usually started from electrical failures. In particular, poor wiring, overloaded plug points, and failure to periodically maintain appliances. Fires occurred most frequently in motor vehicles (we’ve got you covered), followed by residential homes.

Environmental damages happen more often than we think. Just last year, a series of flash floods hit Dubai. Residents had already faced consistent flooding every few years. The National concludes the importance of home insurance as the losses of residents have increased exponentially with storms intensifying. Three days of rain managed to cause the loss of hundreds of thousands of dirhams per household, including the AED 600-1000+ a night for hotels. All losses incurred could’ve been avoided with home insurance.

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Flood threat? Pet threat? Where do I even begin?

Human Threats

Similar to environmental dangers, theft is often an overlooked danger to UAE residents. The Security Industry Regulatory Agency of Dubai (similar trends found across the seven emirates) categorized the top six crimes carried out in the emirate in 2020. Results showed that 66% of the crimes boiled down to theft and burglary of the individual and the home. Theft took first place followed by forced robbery, domestic burglary, and fraud. The U.S. Department of State’s Overseas Security Advisory Council (OSAC) in conjunction with the Regional Security Office in the U.S. Embassies in Abu Dhabi & Dubai warns its citizens and concludes the occurrence of pickpocketing, petty theft, and different forms of scams. Further, OSAC highlights an occurrence largely “within the large expatriate workforce, accounting for more than 85% of the population.”

Having personally moved to the UAE from the US, I’ve found the country contrastingly safer. In my first week, however, I lost my credit card to the surprisingly common ATM skimming device (happened to my mother and friend as well). This isn’t really something I can take precautions for like placing my wallet in my front pocket. I did wish I had an insurer (I lost hundreds of dollars and went a semester without cash, it wasn’t fun). I sadly didn’t know ATM scams were part of the home insurance coverage, but you know that now! Home insurance covers these common but unavoidable threats. You can now haggle in the Souqs and shop in the malls without fear your card won’t be returning home. 

Cute & Cuddly Threats

Let’s switch to less legally serious dangers and talk about some more common but, sadly, cute threats: children and pets. Having grown up with three younger siblings and a few pets, I’ve finally found a solution other than Nancy Ajram’s Shakhbat Shakhabit. I once came home to my bed broken from my sister’s jumping competition with her school friends. It’s safe to say I was livid. I drilled the bed frame together again but every few months a wrong movement shifts the bed and breaks it again. Sadly, had I known with home insurance I could have just received a new bed it would’ve saved me years of tears and frustrations. I guess that’s the price of uninsured fast furniture. Paint-marked tables and counters, scratched up couches, juice-stained rugs. All those everyday inconveniences have a solution: home insurance. 

Take Action Now!

Hopefully, I’ve shown you how the “this will never happen to me” reasoning against home insurance just isn’t true. The uncommon happens much more commonly than we think. Even the agreed common is covered by home insurance (I’m looking at my sister here).

So what’s stopping you today? Join Hala’s waiting list and be the first to insure the common and uncommon common! 

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