Wedding Season Already? Our Favorite Superhero Guides us Through

June 7, 2021

The Knot Real Weddings Study found 73% of all weddings take place between May to October. The study specified September (15%) takes first place with June (13%) closely following behind. Do you know what this means? We are well underway into wedding season! Let the festivities begin.

House or Home? There’s a Difference?

Whether you, a friend, or your favorite cousin are getting married, there are a few things that could make this new transition easier. Time Magazine put out “8 Tips to Help You Thrive in Your First Year of Marriage” and their first tip you may ask? “Make your house a home.”

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It’s marriage season! Let the pillow fights begin. Mark your territory in your new house and home-ify it.

Tongue Twister right? They’re right though. A house is very different from a home. A house is the structure but the home is the unique twist you add to it (hint hint: we’ve already covered this). Cute thrifted couches, quirky vases from the clearance section, antique mirrors. Every home has that furniture piece that just ties it together. Every home needs one. 

If you remember our fast furniture post then you know the expenses it takes to maintain that home piece. Especially as a newlywed couple with tight budgets (after what I hope was a fun honeymoon, new furnishings, extravagant wedding, you get what I’m saying), cutting costs is important. I’d say invest in one quirky homey piece that just embodies you and your partner. That way you don’t break the bank by trying to home-ify every part of your house but you still get the home effect. The most important part: don’t forget to insure it with home insurance and guarantee its longevity. It’ll forever be tied to your special connection and your home!

Rings Rings Rings

The more talked about insured items from a wedding is the rings. The rings! No one could forget the rings. Well not everyone. We’ve all seen the youtube prank videos of the feared loss of the expensive gestures of partnership (spoiler: look for a video example in our next newsletter). 

Around 40% of married people lose their wedding rings at least once! That’s almost a 1 in 2 chance. This isn’t even taking into account broken, damaged or just old rings. Rings are not only expensive pains but the loss of a ring is emotionally taxing on both partners. Avoid the sadly likely chances and look into home insurance for your rings as well (yes, jewelry is covered by home insurance, again, look at our old posts *wink wink*). 

Our Superhero Saves us Once Again

This wedding season, whether as a gift to your loved ones for their big day, or for your own new chapter, take some extra precautions for this stage of your life. Protect the things you love and ensure the longevity and strength of your partnership by further solidifying it. 

From home-ifying your house to protecting your love symbolic rings, let home insurances like Hala keep you covered in all aspects of your new life. Join the waiting list now!

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