Car Insurance : Do’s & Don’ts of Claim Processing in the UAE

September 7, 2021

Breathe! Accidents happen to everyone and at some point in time everyone has to undergo the dreadful process of filing a claim. The claims process extends far beyond filing paperwork and handing it over to your car insurance company. It begins from the very second you meet with an accident and up till the payout is approved and claimed. 

To ensure you secure the best payout possible; we have compiled a list of things to do and avoid when filing a car insurance claim in the UAE. Hala is here to make the process simple and stress-free. Scuba suits on, we’re diving towards some peace of mind! 

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Avoid being an F1 racer and you’ll avoid going through the entire process!

The 5 Ws of car insurance claims processing:

To make the most of the claims process, gather as much information as you can – follow the 5 W’s. 

  • Who is liable for the accident?
  • What exactly happened?
  • Where did the accident take place? 
  • When did the accident take place? 
  • Were there any damages?/ Were any injuries caused?

A timeline of what exactly took place will solidify and accelerate the car insurance claims process. If it’s your first time dealing with an accident – here’s a guide on What to do After an Accident

Making sure you have a reliable car insurance provider that can provide you with round the clock assistance through a hotline or online (like Hala 😉).

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What you should do:  

  • Dial 999 : In our opinion, bigger accidents require a third person (preferably the police) to evaluate the scene. Involve the police on-site if it is a major accident or neither of the drivers want to take liability. If you can’t handle the situation on your own, use the Police App and report the accident right away.
    • You will need to fill out a series of questions and upload a few images/documents. In either of these cases, you will receive a police report – a key element required by your insurer to begin the claims process. 
  • Capture the scene: Not the most memorable snaps to have on your camera roll. But, take plenty of pictures for visual proof; damages on both cars, injuries if any and the overall scene. Pictures speak a thousand words, especially when you get into an accident. 
  • Note down names and numbers: This includes people directly involved in the accident and bystanders that can step forward as witnesses 
  • Get in touch with your car insurance company: Immediately call your insurance provider to report the accident and file a claim. If your car has been severely damaged, request them to send a recovery vehicle to tow your car to a designated garage.
    • Hala offers 24/7 roadside assistance service to Hala customers and can be reached at 8004101. Learn more about our coverages and benefits included in every Hala policy. This is where you will need to provide your insurer with answers to the 4 W’s, the police report and any additional documents.

Additional Tips:

  • Go through the fine print: thoroughly inspect your car insurance policy; especially the inclusion and exclusion policies. Are these unfamiliar terms? Learn them here Go over relevant documents that cover the formalities of an insurance claim. Re-read the documents a few times and feel free to ask questions if you need to. 
  • Honesty is the best policy: Whether it’s with the police or your insurance provider, be transparent about the incident. If you think that changing information in your favour will help – don’t do it! Hiding relevant information will only extend the claims process. 
  • Save your receipts: Keep a tab on all the expenses that have gone towards filing your claim.
  • Document it: should a dispute arise, having a copy of all the documents can back you up.
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Don’t even think about fleeing the scene.

 What you should avoid doing: 

  • Hit and Run – An absolute no-no! (this isn’t GTA). No matter how severe the accident is or who’s at fault – do not run away from the site of the accident. Running away will only result in a rejected claim and legal consequences such as heavy fines and even jail time!
  • Don’t let your emotions overwhelm you – It is quite normal to get upset or worked up but avoid saying anything that can be held against you. Even if you feel instigated by the other party, try to stay calm until the police arrive. 
  • Don’t strike a deal – you might be tempted to settle the situation on your own but trust us, it will only lead to several other complications with your claims process. Take all the necessary information required from the other driver and proceed with the standard protocol.
  • Do not skimp on the documents We’ve probably repeated this for the billionth time this week but you see why right? Avoid signing any paperwork immediately after you have received it. Get a second opinion and revise every document! (unless you insure with a trusted source like Hala). 

Find a car insurance company that can support you during good times and bad. If you still haven’t insured your vehicle, here’s How To Choose The Right Auto Insurance Policy For Your Car. Make sure the provider you pick offers favourable deals and benefits, especially in such situations.

If you’re unhappy with your current provider, here’s what you need to know about switching out car insurance companies. If you are unclear about which plan to go for, read our guide on the difference between third party insurance and comprehensive car insurance plans.

That’s all folks! Before you go, we thought we’d remind you that – with Hala you can get an online quote within a few minutes!

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