Hike in UAE fuel prices: Save fuel & money with these tips

April 5, 2022

It was 8pm on the last day of the month. Instead of heading out to celebrate, Ayesha queued up at the petrol station for a full tank of gas. But Ayesha was not the only one. Thousands of residents across the UAE braced themselves for yet another hike in fuel prices. This is the third price hike of the year. 

After hitting an all-time high, this surge of 16% has pushed fuel prices beyond the AED 4 per litre mark, for the first time in 7 years, since the country liberalized oil prices back in August 2015. It’s an average increase of 50 fils per litre across Special 95, Special 98 and diesel alternatives. 

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Whether it’s a drastic change or a small one, every fil you can squeeze out of your fuel tank can make a big difference. If you’re looking for tips on making your fuel last longer or saving money between every re-fuel, these following hacks will come handy. 

Changing the way you drive will change how much fuel is burned

Combine trips 

Minimise the number of times you take your car out to run simple errands. Plan what needs to be done and try to complete everything in one trip because your car is more efficient when the engine is warm. 

Take advantage of delivery options. Living in the UAE gives you the luxury of ordering everything to your doorstep. 

Avoid long idling 

Running your engine at idle consumes nearly half to one gallon of fuel every hour, as well as pumps additional CO2 into the atmosphere. 

Nowadays, cars are more efficient so you’re less likely to use up more fuel when turning off your engine, then restarting it when you need to move. Newer cars have smart start stop systems that automatically switch off when kept on idle. If your car does not have this function, it is advisable to shut off the engine if traffic wait time is longer than 10 seconds. 

It’s a simple trick to keep both your budget and the planet green. 

Fast & Furious 

*cue Tokyo Drift* 

Driving fast is a thrill but can cost you a fortune when it comes to repeated refuelling (unless you’re making big bucks like Vin Diesel). Speeding consumes a lot of fuel as the engine consumption increases when you drive over 90 km/h. Driving above 110 km/h can use as much as 25% more fuel than driving at 90 km/h. 

Use the correct gear on manual 

Using too low a gear for your speed affects fuel efficiency by over-revving the engine and makes it burn more petrol. Likewise, using too high a gear will result in your car engine to labour or stall. 

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Avoid rush-hour traffic 

Did this remind you of Hessa Street at peak hours? 

Switching between your accelerator and brake burns more fuel than driving continuously. Pre-plan your trip to help you save time and fuel due to from heavy congestion.

Don’t reach for the AC or heater 

Ok, we live in a VERY hot country – so, it’s okay to turn the AC on full blast during the summer. Remember, this causes your fuel consumption to spike up to 10% higher. But, when the pleasant weather kicks in, why not enjoy it? 

Maintain your car and maintain fuel efficieny

Reduce drag 

When something moves through the air, its shape can affect how it moves – this is known as aerodynamic drag. Anything that deviates airflow such as open windows or sun roofs, spoilers and roof racks, will increase air resistance causing your car to consume more energy and burn more fuel.  

Now do you realise why we didn’t suggest rolling down your windows to enjoy the colder weather in Dubai? Because, it’s such a drag! (Ba dum-tss 🥁) 

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Tyre health 

Tyres that aren’t correctly pressurised, will increase fuel consumption or even be dangerous. Older tires have lower traction which can affect rolling resistance and fuel economy. Hence, it is advisable to get your tires changed every 3 to 5 years, regardless of how much you drive it around.  

Cut the load 

While carpooling is great for the environment, car-stuffing will increase fuel consumption significantly. Carrying heavy loads will increase fuel consumption and require you to refuel very often. Remove unnecessary items from the car and carry light! 

Consider buying a fuel efficient model 

Despite frequent maintenance checks, some cars might not be as efficient and therefore drains the fuel tank as well as your wallet. It might be worth looking for a more efficient car. Try to sell your car or trade it for an economical car. 

Check this list of 8 most fuel efficient cars in UAE 

A glimpse at fuel prices in UAE in April

CategoryPrice per litre (April)Price per litre (March)Difference
Super 98 petrolAED 3.74AED 3.23+ 51 fils
Special 95 petrolAED 3.62AED 3.12+ 50 fils
E-Plus 91 petrolAED 3.55AED 3.05+ 50 fils
DieselAED 4.02AED 3.19+ 83 fils

Fuel hikes are a part and parcel of everyday life. Be smart about the way you drive and you can go a lot further for a lot less. Your car, the planet and your budget will thank you.

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